“I’m in love with you, damn it, but I still have to introduce myself to you every fucking morning and do you even understand how that feels?—No, you don’t, because you don’t actually love me. Without all my notes, there is nothing. There is actually, exactly, really nothing. I’m really just a stranger to you, and this relationship is all just a play. It’s just another novel. Fabrication. Everything. I’m not even writing a fucking novel, fuck, I’m living it.”

(via twerking-xiumin)

I wanted to give a fuck about Tao, Kris, EXO and all the fans getting crazy about something they can’t really change.

But then I got high.

Maybe some people need it too, seriously. Calm down.

taoris kris exo tao


Both Tao and Kris stans need to fucking chillax. They’re men, not Gods. Just appreciate the fact they exist for your entertainment pleasure and get on with your lives.